1/3rd of today's babies will reach 100 years old!

Forget the Three-Score-Years and Ten! What About SIX Score Years and Ten?! (130+)

You are certain to live far longer than you once planned, so why not do it well and enjoy your "Third Age" years to the full? We have the science if you have the willingness to learn it...

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No walking frames; no wheelchairs; no problem!

According to the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, of those individuals who reach the age of 60 in good health, fully 50% will make it to 100 years. That’s only an average. Some will die sooner but that’s offset by those who live far longer.

You could be one of them.

Don’t kid yourself with the “short life but a happy one” baloney. Dying too soon means misery and disease and that’s not a happy life.

Remember, you probably won’t have a choice. Short of putting a gun to your head, you’ll have to live 20, 30, even 40 years with the health you create for yourself NOW.

Get it right and you have a whole second life to come, full of fun and vigor. Get it wrong and you’ll live mainly in regrets, limitations and discomfort.

Thing is, there is a science of anti-aging. It’s moving very fast and coming out with all sorts of startling revelations that most doctors have not even heard about. Many are still stuck in the story “It’s in your genes”, as if the age your parents lived is the only matter relevant to how long you live.

That’s yesterday’s science and is wrong. It will cost you years, even decades, of good life if you listen (let me tell you: the oldest man in America, Walter Breuning, lived to the age 114 years, and yet his PARENTS at 46 years and 50 years of age! What does that tell you about genes vs. lifestyle!)


Our Society Is Aging Fast

Did you know that: of all the people who ever reached the age of 65 years, half of them are still alive!

The developed world is aging very fast. One important statistic I will teach you is that once you reach age 60, life expectancy is now a further 25 years (average life expectancy may be 75 or so at birth but that includes all the doomed kids and babies; once you pass 50 or 60 you have proven you’re a survivor!)

The new life expectancy rises to around 85 years. But when you reach that age, expectancy goes up again, and so on…

In 1985 Japan had the youngest average population in the developed world; by 2004 it had the OLDEST average population in the developed world.

That’s how fast things are changing for us humans!


The Third Age Is Upon Us!

The first age is childhood and youth; our second age is our working life; now we have a third age: after retirement. For some it will be longer than their entire working life!

Millions of "middle class" are now productive in what has been called their 3rd Age, continuing to work at everything from lucrative consultancies to teaching or finishing up a PhD. The eldest doctorate graduate I know of was a 93-year old vicar from London, England. He beat out Elizabeth Eichelbaum who held the record: she was 90 when she got a PhD in 2000 from the University of Tennessee.

The great thing is that the older population remains active, assertive and independent as they age. Far from being a weight round society’s neck, many of them look like a fabulous resource, just waiting to be discovered and tapped.

According to cultural historian at Cal State University Theodore Roszak “Aging is the best thing that has happened in the modern world, a cultural and ethical shift that looks a lot like sanity”!

We now have an elderly population that is demonstrably more skilled and more valuable in the workplace than youngsters. Ageism, as it’s been called, will soon be a thing of the past. We are building a pool of our most qualified and most experienced individuals.

Imagine what it means to have Edisons and Einsteins of the future, and doctors, technicians, artists and engineers with 20 or 30 more years to give.

“Far from impoverishing society, mass longevity facilitates affluence.” That’s a quote from researchers at Edinburgh University.

You don’t need me to tell you that the oldies are where the money is and when they choose to spend, that’s a LOT of money in circulation. This is the exact opposite of the Boomer scene in the 1960s, when young people had the money. Now these same people are older and very discerning.

You’ve got to ask yourself: do you want to join these vibrant new elders in a vigorous productive old age? If you do, it starts NOW. Otherwise you will just crumble away from neglect. For the first time in history, it’s up to YOU, the individual.

What you need is knowledge of successful aging. There is science to help you stay fit and well, right to your very last day.

You need to know this important new science. It changes everything you ever thought. And yes, it is proven science. Not the myths of yesteryear.

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You Must Remain Able To Look After Yourself

The thing is: if you don’t take care of yourself and society crumbles, you could face poverty or worse. You need to stay fit and active; healthy, in other words.

That’s why I’ve called this remarkable new book “How to Live Beyond 100 Years”!

Even if you count yourself rich in today’s terms, who is to say what will happen to the dollar, the Yen, the Pound Sterling or the Deutschmark? If you have a large portfolio of investments, it would amount to nothing if money lost its value (as it already is doing).

It could all go horribly wrong and, since it relies on stupid, self-serving politicians to keep things working, I wouldn’t be at all assured. I’d rather depend on myself than be looked after by an ailing system of economics.

In fact I would want to know I had the certainty that I could go on working and earning right up to my dying days. The truth is: nobody should ever plan to retire. Life is too gorgeous and participation in it is an absolute must for those who treasure love, beauty and excitement.


So, what’s inside the book?

I've covered all the major models of aging:

    • Oxidative damage
    • Genetics
    • Stress (cortisol etc.)
    • Carbohydrate control
    • Diet (avoiding toxic and inflammatory foods)
    • Inflammation (I give the key markers)
    • Emotional longevity (state of mind and environment)
    • Hormone balancing (not just HGH!)
    • Arterial health
    • Brain savers
    • Detoxing (really called "biotransformation")
    • Movement (not just exercize)
    • Sound sleeping
    • Skin care (no botox!)

Not only that but I'll be telling you what you can do now, starting TODAY, to protect yourself against each of these aging mechanisms.

Aging is preventable and even reversible. You need to know that. Age is not fixed. We control it. You just need to know how to do that!


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It exposes the scams and false science that is killing people every day.

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Some Big Scientific Surprises Await You!

Without doubt the number one factor in aging is widespread “silent” inflammation in our bodies. I tell you how that shows up, how to measure it, so you know where you stand and, of course, how to lower it dramatically.

You need to understand chemical detoxing, what to do and why it’s important. I also explain to you why it’s a dangerous thing to do and how to fully protect yourself while getting rid of decades of accumulated life-shortening xenobiotics.

There are some real surprises. For example:

Lack of connection with others and being starved of friendship and love does as much harm to your health and longevity as do excess alcohol and smoking—and is worse for you than obesity.

Coffee has important brain-protecting properties (not the caffeine though).

Chocolate is one of the most important anti-aging foods known. It reduces heart attack, strokes and cancer by up to 90%! Norman Hollenberg MD, professor of medicine at Harvard University Medical School has stated on record that epicatechin, a powerful heart-protective compound in chocolate, is so good it ought to be classed as a vitamin!

Your dental work could shorten your life by years, or even decades, unless it is carried out within the key safety guidelines I’ll give you.

There is even sex in there. It’s great for lowering stress and living longer. Even masturbation has scientifically proven healthy benefits (if you’ve never done it, you can always learn!)

But there is more; much more…


Systems Control

I’ve organized the up-to-date science and my teachings in easy-to-follow groupings; for example:

  • how to control arterial damage
  • how to take care of your brain
  • how to balance hormones for optimum aging
  • my top 12 non-hormonal nutrients against aging
  • what anti-oxidants works best and how to take them
  • how to figure out, test and enjoy your own personal longevity diet
  • how to really maintain strong bones (and it's not taking calcium)
  • Many more sections (15 in all...)

I’ve covered the lab tests you’ll need to find out where you stand and where to get them. Do not rely on your doctor to know what to test. He or she probably doesn’t know a fraction of the aging science that I do. I’ll share what you need to know.

Remember: aging is preventable and even reversible. Age is not fixed. We control it. You just need to know how to do that!

Skin Quality Is Crucial

I’ve done some good sections on skin health. This is important, since we judge aging mainly by skin condition. Your skin shows your real health status, as surely as a weathervane tells you which way the wind is blowing.

However the real secret to great skin is to be healthy from the inside out. The use of cosmetic creams is not advisable, because of the many toxins they contain (parabenz etc), but more importantly: adding a slick of grease to the surface layers does nothing for true nutritional health.

I have some stunning material for you, nobody else shares or talks about:

The use of an amazing electronic healing device, the SCENAR, to eliminate wrinkles

How resveratrol can be captured biochemically and made to support your skin cells against the ravages of aging (and where to get the preparation)

Most startling of all: the use of homeopathic botox. No, it isn't a homeopathic preparation of the deadly botulism toxin, that paralyzes your face for ever. It's a gentle alternative healing injectable preparation that you can repeat as often as you like.


Movement and the Appearance of Aging

I didn’t just write all the corny second-hand stuff about exercize. Sure, we need it. But that is only half the story.

The knowledge I’m sharing goes much wider than that. I have talked about posture and movement too. Why? Because nothing gives away a person’s age more strikingly than how he or she stands and moves. Think about it: if an actor wants to portray an older person, they stoop and shuffle. It transforms and ages them, puts them in character, instantly!

You don’t want a decrepit posture and feeble movements like that, do you?

I also branched out into dance and feeling graceful. It builds self image. It enhances successful aging.

Staying supple is one of the keys to anti-aging and you can’t get that with vitamin pills or a treadmill!


Powerful New Revelations

There is so much in this book that is “outside the box”, you’ll not learn from anywhere else.

Anybody can write a book about hormones, vitamins and excercize (scores of “experts” have) but you’ll not find information like this anywhere else.

It’s unique, comprehensive and life-changing; or should I say life enhancing?

I’ve even listed out a personal anti-aging program, just for you, that you can follow in any order. Just tick off the items as you do them and count the added years!


You'll just have to buy the book and read it!

Why wouldn't you? There is absolutely no risk; it's all covered by a 100% money-back guarantee.

Besides, this is have-to-have knowledge. There is no escaping the turning of the clock and the advancement of the years. It takes hold of us all.

But that does not mean you are helpless. The "inevitability" of aging is a medical myth. It's NOT in our genes and it's far from a done deal. You can influence all the factors of aging and slow them down to a mere crawl.

I'll tell you how. And I absolutely forbid you to grow old or die young, once you've studied what I have got to say!

I promise to reveal to you how, even with just the existing knowledge and technology we have today, the average human life span can potentially be 300 years (that's an average, so some will live to 100 and some will live to a fabulous 500 years!)



You get my terrific eye-opener 21-page booklet FREE:

A $9.99 value, yours for FREE

It exposes the scams and false science that is killing people every day.


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